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One more for the collection, thanks bunches!

It is amazing that of all nations, South Africa should be the one country where not a single friendly and helpful soul can be found who is willing to do something as trivial as a trip to the post office even when one is paying handsomely for the favour. Over the last two decades, I have been doing this for dozens of people from/in 20+ countries who I met in online fora, on eBay or the like, and others have done it for me. It is astonishing that the sellers of the product (a simple cooling pad, nothing dangerous or fragile) cannot bring themselves to make an exception to their policy of not shipping abroad.

Since I would pay upfront and provide all kinds of proof of my trustworthiness, there is really no risk involved, at least not for the business or individual who re-ships the box when it arrives from the online store. Different countries, different habits, but it is strange that there should be nobody in an entire country who would be willing to make the trip to the post office even when being paid for it.

Anyway, since one never knows when they might come in handy, keep the mail forwarding services you stumble upon coming and thanks for the great find in the Dominican Republic. Of course, such a service in South Africa that ships to Mexico would be the most welcome at the moment. :-)

Karston, this is Andy Graham, the founder of sites, and lived abroad for over 15 years I am hoping we find a good company for you. We need people living in Cape Town to help, and this is our goal for the site. Not the businesses selling, but the end users.
This is one I use in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

There are dozens of mail forwarding services from the UK or USA to other countries a simple Internet search will keep you busy for days just jotting down their URLs. :-)

What would be far more interesting is a parcel forwarding service FROM South Africa to the world. I am in dire need of either a trustworthy individual or a professional service provider that ships parcels to SOuth America, to México to be more precise.

If anybody happens to be interested to do that or knows of somebody who does, please do not hesitate to let me know. I shall be happy to provide my eBay feedback and we can discuss any other details that you require to verify my trustworthiness.

Thank you for your attention and have a pleasant day.

Yours faithfully,

Karsten(dot)Keese -with- gmail

Hey guys, Im from the mother city originally but now live in New Zealand. Ive put together a site for fellow SAffas with info on everything NZ, especially if you want to immigrate. Have a look at www.sa2nz.com